Amazing stories about baby showers around the web…

In preparation for my very own baby shower (unbelievable!) I’ve been reading what other bloggers have posted about their own experiences. I’m not sure what to expect and when I think about the baby shower. I’m most excited to be sharing some of my favorite foods with the best people around. So, to get me in the mood, here are some baby shower stories from around the web:


Joanna Goddard from Cup of Jo:

“Overall, I was amazed by how tribal it felt. Up until then, my pregnancy had felt individual and a little isolating (…), I suddenly felt bolstered and empowered by a community of supportive women who had been through all these stages before and were excited to meet my baby.”

Read more here.

Emily from Style by Emily on co-ed, untraditional baby showers:

“Baby showers come in all shapes and sizes and they all have different things that I love about them. But I have to admit that sharing the experience with your partner is pretty special. Don’t try this if you are going to have a traditional baby shower, the boys will want to suffocate themselves with cloth diapers if they had to come. But if feel like just making it a party, then there is no reason that fathers shouldn’t be there to celebrate the entrance into parenthood, too.”

You can see all the pictures of her fabulous baby shower here.

A great “thank you card” idea from Joy from Oh Joy:

“As a thank you, today I’m going to show you how to make these Thank You Baubles. Rather than just writing a card, you can make these little necklaces to send to friends with a thank you note to show how much you appreciate their gifts or for hosting your shower. The best part is, they are super easy to make but look like you spent way more time than you actually did! And your friends get a little keepsake they can use and wear regularly!”

Watch the full video here.

Image via Pinhole Press.

Virtual book club!

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.31.38 AM

I’m part of a whatsapp group with some of my favorite girls! One is in Brazil (Santa Catarina, to be more precise), the other is in Edison, NJ and sometimes she is in Toronto. The other one is Lily in Brooklyn (although she is currently in Brazil as well).

We are all lovers of a good book. Dani and Grazi head the group in amount of books read in one year and they always have excellent recommendations of what we should read. So we decided to start a virtual book club. We have whatsapp meetings to decide which book is the selected one, then we post articles and reviews on our closed Facebook group about said book, discuss our progress and basics (if we like it, if it’s a difficult read…) and twice (once at 50% and once we finished the book) we plan on doing a Google Hangout (complete with cheese and wine everywhere) where we talk about it, discuss the book, answer questions each other has and, of course, gossip a little! :)

We are starting with this idea now, and our first book is The Vacationers, a hit this summer, that we decided to read now, in the winter, when our feet are freezing and we are dreaming of a vacation in Mallorca!

We are feeling super tech savvy! :)

Baby Snowsuit


We were searching what type of winter wear we should invest for our baby for next winter! The idea is, soon enough, everything will be on sale, so we could start buying a few pieces for the baby and we found this snowsuit above!

How adorable is that?

They also offer a more girly version of it, if you prefer!

My newest TV obsession…

The Missing is a new series available right now on STARZ. The first season is available online and Bret and I binged on it these past few cold (frigid) days when we were locked at home. And we were so surprised with how good this series is!

This video does a great job explaining the plot: a british couple on vacation in France goes through a nightmare when their young child goes missing in a small town. The show is full of mysteries and will keep you hooked through the short 8 episodes!

Here is the full summary accruing to IMDB:

“The Missing” follows Tony, played by James Nesbitt, as a man devastated by the abduction of his young son, Oliver, during a family vacation in France. He becomes a man obsessed, unable to accept that his child may be dead and spends years searching for him. Tony’s exhaustive search fractures his marriage to Emily, played by Frances O’ Connor and threatens to destroy his life. Tcheky Karyo plays Julien, the French police detective who launched the initial search for the child. Even though he is retired in present day, he too cannot shake the small belief that the child may still be alive. Told using a fascinating narrative puzzle, “The Missing” explores the impact of a child’s abduction, the emotional cost of obsession, hope and finding when to let go. This gripping thriller is told simultaneously over multiple time frames and set in France and London.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.09.34 AM

My favorite character has to be the original detective involved in the case, played by Tchéky Karyo, he is funny, unpredictable, wise and you just fall in love with him! 

I’d def. suggest The Missing if you are searching for a new mystery to binge on. Available now on STARZ.

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In search for a dress…

My mother in law, along with my mom and Lily are so sweet and decided to throw Bret and I a special brunch baby shower on MY BIRTHDAY (!). Bret mentioned the other day how I’ll always think of Super Bowl Sunday with happiness in my heart, since I’ll remember my very own baby shower. [instead of my current memories, how that SHIT destroys my birthday plans constantly…]

I’ve been in desperate search for the perfect baby shower dress to brave the winter in NYC. I’m going with dark colors (to look a bit smaller since I feel HUGE right now) and something that can be worn for a brunch get together. Here are my two top contenders:

This dress by Asos:

IMG_0970 IMG_0972 IMG_0973 IMG_0974


And this one by Free People:

20150111040537 20150111040550 20150111040558

What’s your favorite? I’m torn!


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Vintage Whites Market in Loveland, CO



My friend Kara, from Kara Rosenberry Co. will be participating in the upcoming Vintage Whites Market in Loveland, CO this weekend, January 9th and 10th.

This is one of the largest vintage and vintage-inspired markets in the country and I’m so proud of Kara, she will have a booth with amazing decor, vintage finds, paper cards, stickers, invitations, party goods and much, much more! I would completely recommend you stop by her booth and check the amazing things she makes!

If you are not in Colorado, Kara also has a online Etsy store with the most darling paper goods. You can check it out here!

Continue reading

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Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks



We are currently celebrating 18 weeks pregnant! Wow! Sometimes it’s very scary to think about, this baby is due exactly 6 months from today! Here are a few things that we have been registering in the past few weeks! Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Goodwill and Marshals are amazing places to by baby clothes! I’ve been stopping by both constantly and stocking on the basics, whites onsies and jumpers and tiny little pants! We are trying to keep the neutral colors: loads of whites, greys, blacks, some oranges, yellows and reds!IMG_0624

This is my mom’s doing! She made a replica of Bebe Mael (at the size it’s supposed to be at 18 weeks – 6 inches) for the Baby Shower later this month! There are storks and clouds and all sorts of cool things!


Here at 13 weeks going on a walk with my mom!IMG_0688

I officially popped at 16 weeks: look at that bump! I’m finally using tons of pregnancy clothes, this dress is from TargetIMG_0713

Here at 17 weeks at the company’s Christmas party. I had ate a bunch too, so we need to account for that! :) Dress by Ingrid and Isabel MaternityProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI was laughing my ass off here, I didn’t think my winter coats would not be able to close around the belly. I thought I looked so funny! I’ll need to find roomier winter jackets for this season!

I have been using almost every single day this legging my mother in law gifted me for Christmas. It’s amazing and I super recommend it. It smooths any lines, helps with back support and belly support as well, it’s comfortable and grows with you. It’s from Blanqi.

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Our Wedding on Our Love is Loud!

To start the year well, here is great news: our wedding is featured on Our Love Is Loud blog:

View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More:

All images by Kat from Our Love is Loud! Thanks Kat! We are so, so happy! See the entire blog post here!

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I’ve never been very good at New Year’s resolutions. I spend the entire month of January in limbo (it’s my astrological hell, after all…), trying to process that it’s a new year! I also don’t believe in making plans. When I dream and make many plans and things don’t happen, or don’t happen how I expected I get depressed and cranky and negative. So I avoid as much as I can…
But 2015 will be a great, grand year! As traditions go, all odd number years are great, while even number years are naturally a struggle. I try not to be superstitious, but I truly believe on this rule.
We will take our first trip of 2015 home, spending 10 days in NYC celebrating Bret’s Grandparents 60th anniversary, Bebe Mael’s baby shower, seeing friends from all over the world and enjoying good food.
Then, we are back at work full force. We also plan on moving, so that will be a journey. And, hopefully, have the time to squeeze a baby moon in the sun in California before this baby comes.
My dear friend Dani will come spend sometime with us and visit while I’m big and round and am nesting and preparing for this baby. Other friends and family are expected in Denver this year, Bebe Mael, Valentina or Magnus, will meet many of the people we love and hold dear in our hearts.
A new chapter will start in June and I can only hope that our hearts are quiet and warm and our minds prepared to do our best by this baby, this new life.
It will be a year of learning. I want to spend more time visiting Montessori schools, observing the children and the method and reading as much as I can. I want to meet more mothers, learn more about homeschooling, prepare an environment that will be able to help the baby develop and thrive.
I plan on being more serious about blogging, with more consistency and helping Bret more.
Whenever the baby is cleared to travel, I want to bring it home so it can meet the Great Grandparents, and other wonderful babies that are entering the world this year!
I can’t wait for playdates and baby dates, and seeing Otto and Olivia and Isabella.
May the year end with all of us spending the holidays in a warm, beautiful place together, introducing the baby to this big country of ours.
May 2015 bring joy to our hearts, a baby that’s happy and healthy and loved by all, good food to our bellies, and family and friends to share the love.
May 2015 be your best year yet! 
Happy New Year! 

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Bebe Mael is the size of a laranja / orange (in Portuguese!).

It’s even hard to believe that we are starting the week with a baby so big inside my belly. All of a sudden it feels like this is going way too fast and I need it to slow down a little. After I have hit 15 weeks I have felt better, considerably better! I thought the nausea would disappear like magic. Now I can laugh of my ideas and thoughts about pregnancy. I still get nauseous but it’s less and less and for shorter periods of time.

I also don’t feel like a hungry bear all the time anymore. It’s been easier to control portions, plan meals, think about eating and even cooking. I have been able to stand the smell of food more and have spent more time cooking elaborate meals for Bret.

In terms of cravings, the big winner this week, besides oranges, obviously, are tomatoes. Sometimes I make an entire plate of tomatoes and season with truffled olive oil and salt. That’s a fantastic meal in my books! :)

Half an orange We have booked the 20 weeks ultrasound that will study the anatomy of the baby and I can’t wait for that appointment! We have also booked a tour to the hospital maternity wing (brand new, just opened on Dec.13th) and the next two midwife visits at the hospital (we are switching locations!).

My plans for the week are to finally wrap all Christmas gifts and cards and put them in the mail! I can’t believe how late I’m doing this, but while I was sick I had the desire to do absolutely nothing! So, let it be known, people: some packages might arrive late! Very late!

Also, orange juice, plenty of orange juice! :)


All images c/o Dreamstime Stock Photos


Here are more pregnancy updates:

5 weeks: gergelim6 weeks: lentilha7 weeks: grão de bico

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