Happy Friday + True Love

Happy friday, peeps!

I actually did not know it was Friday until a little while ago! We have had a hectic week around here, I’m dealing with a lot of wedding stuff and Bret is so filled with work it’s not even funny! To celebrate the weekend (and a date we have tonight!) I decided to start a new series! I want to document a few of the things B. says to me, or we say to each other, that are priceless. And it’s born: True Love!


This week, I was reading Oh Joy’s Dressing the Bump series over on her blog! It’s a particularly good series about how to dress yourself throughout pregnancy and still look like yourself! It gives the ladies many ideas and she shares tips and products she’s been using while pregnant. I love her videos very much! And I was especially excited to see swimwear for pregnant women (somehow that has never crossed my mind, much less a too piece option!) and I shared that with B. who quickly replied: “This is only for a certain kind of women”! [insert shocked face here]

Let’s analyze it for a second!

True Love # 1:

“This is only for a certain kind of women” – B. 

True meaning:

You are rather large and I don’t think this would look good on you. It looks great on Joy because she is rather petite.

I love him! I truly do. I love how he does not hide his opinions from me and always finds a cute way to put things so it doesn’t hurt me!

However, I don’t agree with him, I think you can really find things to fit your body type and do not need, necessarily, to copy anyone but adapt an idea for something that will look good on you! When I’m pregnant, I’ll def. sport some cute swimwear! Still, points! Speaking your mind should always earn you points and trying to be cute and not hurt me: extra points!

What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

B. and I are going on a bike date tonight, grab some dinner, bike to the Rapids game, watch some soccer and bike home! [It's lad's night out tonight!]. Tomorrow there is a urban camping party happening in Denver I want to attend and loads of wedding stuff and work to get out of the way before I fly to NYC!

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Next week I might complete 20lbs of weight loss if I’m good during the weekend! I’m very excited!

Image: A shot of an Italian well in Venice, Italy. It was found near the famous st Marc’s place and there was a sort of graffiti with the symbol of peace and love. Via Dreamstime



Holy shit! 2 Months?

This gives me anxiety in a way I’ve never experienced before. You don’t even want to know about the panic attacks that I’ve had in the past few months! 

[insert major freakout here!]
We are only two months away from our wedding day. At this point I feel a mix of panic and calm. It’s hard to explain my state of mind. I’m calm because I feel like we have done our best, we have thought hard about every single detail and have worked hard on adding things that reflect who we are as a couple. And I panic because. Just because.
This past month we have done so much, it’s even hard to list it here or remember! But, here we go:
1. Both our wedding rings are here but they need to get resized. I take a peak on them all the time. I mean, ALL THE TIME!
2. Shoes are in. I struggled to find shoes. I had a few pre-requisites: they needed to be comfortable, either flats or wedges because of the terrain, something I would wear after the wedding is over and beautiful! I think I did a good job!
3. Guestbook: all aspects of the guestbook are ready! I just framed a few signs and I’m loving it!
4. Tattoo bar: done and done. All tattoos have arrived from Tattly and our custom tattoos as well. Tattly sent and sponge and water bottle for the station and the signs are also ready and framed!
5. The cake plate and knife arrived and both follow the botanical theme!
6. We started making a few final decisions about our honeymoon, a few changes and booked flights so far! We can’t wait to share our final itinerary/plans. Here is our original honeymoon post!
7. Invitations were printed and are on their way to everyone’s homes. Invitations was something that I really struggled with. I love paper so much and I wanted something special, that would reflect the theme, location of the wedding, but also who we are and I think we have finally chosen something I’m proud of and can’t wait to share here as soon as everyone has received theirs!
8. We took care of wedding portraits with Amy. We sent her our ideas, outfits, props, shoes, everything we plan on using on the big day and she put together the cutest wedding portrait for us. I framed the originals and printed the RSVP cards with the portraits for everyone!
9. Groom’s Attire. I ordered a lot of the pieces B. will be wearing, such as shoes, belt, boutonnieres, shorts, pants, socks, pocket square, and I’m only missing the jacket now! All chosen from the Ludlow Suite from J.Crew.
10. Videographer. We have hired a videographer! He also is bringing a drone to get air shots! ow awesome is that?
There is probably a lot more that happened, but things are going so fast at this point! I’m a bit lost!
I’m focusing on decor now. Since it’s an absolute DIY wedding, I’m starting to work on back drops, props, etc… Did you see the red vintage luggage we scored at the flea market?
We are also finalizing details for the Couple’s Shower. I’m heading home in about two weeks to spend time with family/friends and for the shower! I can’t wait! I think this will be the first event that will feel like really, we are getting married!
Some of the recipe cards we sent to our family and friends are arriving in the mail. We are so excited about it! It’s so wonderful to share recipes with the people we love and also cook their favorite meals so we are together even tough we are so far away!
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Wedding events:
Friday, September 19th: Hike and BBQ
We are preparing a few surprises for our friends who will be in town on Friday. At 3pm we will all go for a hike around Estes Park and when we return, we will celebrate with a BBQ dinner. We chose a more laid back day instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner and since we don’t have a classic bridal party, we will not be rehearsing anything (although Bret does not agree with this at all, he wants to rehearse! Go figure…)
In preparation…
In preparation for this wedding, I started a diet and exercising as soon as we decided to get married back in February. I’ve been hitting the gym constantly (although, I could probably do better!) and have started to eat extra healthy, mostly veggies, fruit and lean meats. It’s not easy, though.
It’s finally hitting me I’ll probably not be on my desired weight at all. So far, I’ve lost only 18 lbs and by now I’m so tired of dieting, it’s so tiring to constantly plan your meals, run to the market for fresh food plenty of times a week, saying no to all the deliciousness that Bret suggests and, eventually, brings home against my advice.
I understand this is a battle for a lifetime for me. But, dude, how I wish I didn’t have to go through this… It’s a struggle every single day!


My mother booked her ticket to come to Colorado for our wedding today. It was, possibly, the most unexpected moment of my life, of our relationship mother-daughter. I mean, I’m pretty sure neither of us have ever thought that moment possible. EVER.

This thing seems to be happening. Apparently, I’m getting married to a man I love, respect, admire and am thankful every single day for. I never dreamed of this. I never wanted this, I never thought it would happen to me. Getting married was something that happened to OTHER people, not me.

And my mother is here and my mother is coming. And everything is fine and beautiful and I constantly feel so guilty about how lucky or happy I am.


image via Pinterest

I just want to remember this day.

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, friends.


As I mentioned here, my Brazilian heart is still broken. And, this weekend will bring some more! Brazil plays Holland for the third place in the World Cup and I can’t decide if I want to see it or not! On one hand, a great game with a Brazil victory would lift my spirits. On the other hand another Brazil loss would kill me. We will see…

We have lunch plans with friends, which I’m looking forward to since we canceled our trip to the Western slope and have loads of work to do!

I’m reading the book and can’t wait to to see the movie!

The Economist wrote about our pain and what need to change in Brazil!

The most adorable kitchen ever!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jessica Simpson got married


image via People Magazine

Like I mentioned before, this seems to be THE year for all the cool fashion ladies to get married, hun?

Poppy Delevigne and Olivia Palermo got married earlier in the year and this past weekend it was (finally!) time for Jessica Simpson to say yes! How gorgeous does she look?

I can’t wait to see more images! I might pick up this issue of People just so I can look at her dress better! :)

A short mountain vacation: Breckenridge, Colorado

We have returned from our vacation and I’m struggling to adapt to reality again. There is a world of things to do for the wedding and the Couple’s Shower in New Jersey, but I seem to have forgotten my mind in the mountains!

Our holiday vacation was lovely, maybe one of the best we have ever had! We were in love, happy, being our adventurous selves and enjoying nature! Here are a few snapshots from our days in Breckenridge!


^^ Here is where we started our trip: early in the morning we drove to Breck to avoid traffic and the crowds. This was out view! Amazing, right? We took the trail from Breckenridge to Frisco on our bikes and were surprised with how easy and gorgeous our ride was! 

IMG_8395 IMG_8406 IMG_8403 IMG_8400 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It was def. the most beautiful, nature-filled bike ride of my life. When we arrived in Frisco, we had lunch and biked all around the cutest town in the West!


^^ We saw colorful wildflowers everywhere. Due to the amount of rain and snow we had in the past few months, flowers popped up in Colorado! It’s amazing!IMG_8412

^^ Frisco was super cute. Next time we might stay there are explore a little more!


The next day we enjoyed amazing breakfast in town and walked around to see the 4th of July parade! I wasn’t feeling great that day, so we just took a ride in the gondola to the top of the mountain and enjoyed a quiet day in!

IMG_8446 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_8432 IMG_8437 IMG_8466

On our last day, we slept in (!!!) and went on the most beautiful hike of our lives. We followed the path to the McCullough Gulch and hiked up to the waterfalls. What a great reward after hiking 3 miles uphill!

IMG_8481 IMG_8474 IMG_8472 IMG_8479 IMG_8476 IMG_8475

Summer Mountain Vacation



Bret and I headed to the mountains this morning and are taking a little break from real life to just bike around Breckenridge (our favorite Colorado resort town) and just have a great time with each other and to enjoy special moments together before we get married.

We will enjoy the holiday and should be back in town on Sunday!

Have a wonderful Independence Day!

Rocky Mountain National Park

IMG_7774 IMG_7775 IMG_7776 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Rocky Mountain National Park.

What a beauty!

After my mom and I purchased many, many 5280 Magazines for our out-of-state guests with the guide to Rocky Mountain National Park we headed to the park ourselves to experience it. We decided on taking Trail Ridge Road, the longest, largest, high altitude road in the US and drove for a few hours, stoping only to take in all the beauty:

IMG_7784 IMG_7780 IMG_7782 IMG_7783 IMG_7771 IMG_7770 IMG_7760 IMG_7746 IMG_7772