Happy Friday + Happy Halloween!

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Happy Friday, friends!

To celebrate Halloween, Bret and I will be working on an open house on Stuart Street! It’s such a great neighborhood and great location, we think it will be so fun to welcome the children and their families to this amazing home, have a laugh together and distribute candy and chocolate all around! So, if you are in Denver and are trick or treating in Berkeley, stop by and say “Hi”!

Have a wonderful Halloween folks!

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Wedding Pictures!


I’m so excited to share this: our first wedding pictures have arrived and in the course of the next few weeks I’ll be sharing here some of the precious moments we shared together in the last week of summer in Estes Park!

I mean, look at this place and the fun we had! Till next week! :)

_DSC6783 _DSC6939 Images by Sally Mae for Casa dos Mael.

Hike at Lily Lake, Estes Park, CO.

A Happy Halloween Birthday Party for Olivia!


Lily’s beautiful family just celebrated Halloween this past weekend with a great birthday party for Olivia who just turned 3!  (time flies…). Olivia dressed up as a little cat and Isabella was a mini-Minnie Mouse! How adorable?! Here is a little bit of all the Halloween fun they had in Brooklyn:




Lily made all the brigadeiros herself. It DID look professional. Also, she makes the BEST cakes in the entire world!!! (she made my Bridal Shower cake, it was a success!)


IMG_5519  IMG_5520The beautiful invitations sent via Paperless Post:

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The gorgeous Old Stone House, where the party took place in Brooklyn:



Parabéns Olivia! You are the raddest little cat around and I miss you loads! Congratulations, Lily, everything looked amazing!

Images via Daniele Martin. 

Halloween on Pinterest

As I was researching ideas and DIY projects to make for Olivia’s birthday, I came across some amazing images on Pinterest! Here are my top 5:


Via Trendenser91c73b5bfda61cd618d2db19d973aaa3


Via Lovely Indeed.



Via Design Mom96031ea225c21442c0a55b1ec31e161a Via Alex and Alexa blog10610778_10154755897340517_4032655918121462991_n Via Home Goods Facebook Pageb0bc617c96f4faac48278443bff8ea83

Via The Paper Mama for Better Homes and Gardens.

For more Halloween ideas and projects, check my Halloween board on Pinterest here:

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Happy Friday + A New LISTING!



Happy Friday, peeps!

This was a rather busy week around these parts! Bret listed a newly renovated home in one of his favorites neighborhoods in Denver: Berkeley!

(Berkeley was rated one of the Time Money Best Big City Bargains and Best Places to live!). 

When I saw those barn doors in the master bedroom, my heart melted! They are gorgeous! This home is also just a few blocks away from my favorite flea market here in Denver! We will hold the house open the entire weekend and celebrate with friends and cookies! I’m also helping to stage the home today, so I’m going full on fall/halloween with all my props! :)

I also just shipped a box full of fun things to decorate the Halloween birthday party of a wonderful, special little girl in Brooklyn tomorrow and I can’t wait to see the pictures. We will enjoy some Halloween fun ourselves, Bret was invited to a party at one of his client’s home and I can’t wait to dress up!

What do you have planned for the weekend? Any Halloween fun in your future?

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5. Fashionable techs for people who bike to work. (Bret biked to work almost every day this week!)

6. A fantastic new video from Air New Zealand inspired by The Hobbit!

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8. The Theory of Everything: a movie I can’t wait to watch!

9. Print books still outselling E-books.

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Fall Recipe: Brazilian Carrot Cake


DSC09068 The other day it was dark and rainy and weird and very fall like and I got up from bed to make Bret one of my favorite Brazilian recipes: Brazilian Carrot Cake. It’s very different than the American version and also it includes the best part: a chocolate covering that’s light and runny and wonderful! Here is the recipe if you are interested:

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1 month Anniversary

10630622_888468194527140_2203492574050691020_o 10623955_888468817860411_657793335858240058_o

Bret and I are celebrating our 1st month anniversary of our wedding. It’s a bit hard to believe how fast it has come and gone, how it feels it happened a world ago, not only a month ago and how much I miss that day and the fun we had together.

Being married has been nothing short of amazing. The “honeymoon phase” is a real thing. Bret and I have enjoyed each other, going to dates, having nice dinners at home, watching movies together and planning for our future. It’s been truly delightful! Although I know, life is not only roses, I’m enjoying this moment thoroughly! :)

These are pictures my sweet friend Juliana took from that amazing week!

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Happy Friday!


Photo via Our Love is Loud

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather this past few days. I have a lot of work accumulating on my desk, an ever growing list of things to do and two open houses to market and I can’t really manage to leave my wonderful, comfy, bed. So, I have not much planned for the weekend, except catching up on work and organizing my Halloween costume for a party next weekend!

Have a happy weekend, friends!


The other day I came across this beautiful ad by Target, a series called Baby Digs and I couldn’t have loved it any more:

I thought the ad was brilliant, magical and really made me want a baby and put together a nursery. I’m so glad Target has stepped up their game in terms of baby stuff! I loved to hear the moms dreaming about their future baby, making plans to teach the baby about space and comic books and all the things they love and, the most refreshing thing in this ad: women that are a normal size. Regular women, real women, not models who are pregnant, but a beautiful, normal couple. Also, gorgeous, well designed baby furniture, which seems to be so hard to find.

I think, with the exception of the size of this nursery (who can afford a nursery as big as my apartment?), the ad only features positive ideas and messages.

Then, I made the mistake of reading the comments that were on facebook when this ad was published and I found out I LIVE IN A BUBBLE. It’s a bubble of love, acceptance, inclusiveness, and all good things. But, the rest of the world doesn’t seem to be part of my bubble.

I would never recommend to anyone to go read those comments, they are racist, homophobic, ignorant and primitive. I was so sad to learn that the majority of the people who commented on the ad instead of mentioning any of the points I mentioned above,  preferred to focused on something it didn’t even cross my mind: the couple is consisted of two moms. It’s a beautiful, lesbian couple, and to me that’s so normal, it’s even boring. But to the people who commented it was so foreign and scary they attacked the moms, called them awful names and just became horrible animals. Do they live under a rock? I can’t understand this type of behavior!

Bret is always saying the internet is filled with hateful people. I would like to show him that NO, IT’S NOT! I’m here, full of love and positivity to share with all my internet friends, family, readers, followers and everyone else, near or far!

Here is to change the way people interact on the internet! And yes! Viva the LOVE BUBBLE!

Another beautiful movie from Target:

Halloween Trunk Show

DSC08970 DSC08975 DSC08977 DSC09003

Over the weekend I stopped by the Halloween Trunk Show here in Denver to visit my friend Kara and took a few pictures of her awesome booth. She did such an amazing job, her Halloween creations were really darling and her booth was a success. Here are a few additional images from this awesome fair:

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