Nursery / Sneak Peak

I truly believe the nursery will be a work in progress (I’m currently working on a house shelf). The baby will be growing and we will be changing and adapting things, although I’m always looking for pieces that will grow with the baby!

At our new place, we chose our walk-in closet to become the baby’s nursery, it’s big enough to fit the major furniture pieces, and a newborn baby is not really going to occupy that much space. Here is what we have organized so far:


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it has been scheduled!

Pregnancy over here was a very intense experience, 3 years of planning and preparing and 9 months of learning a lot about my own body, creating a tiny life, keeping healthy, happy and much, much more than I could ever have thought was possible before getting pregnant.

Our story started in 2011 when Bret and I started having serious conversations about growing a family. I’m going to make the story short and not get into too many details. Neither of us had thought about having babies before, so this was a new idea for us. For the next year or so I had got apply myself and take care of my health and be ready  if I ever decided to move forward with the idea. I lost 65lbs, started exercising, and decided to also change other things that made me incredibly unhappy and sick in my personal life, I quit a miserable job, spent about two months in Brazil, did a complete antenatal planning and consultations with various doctors (something I don’t see happening in the US, but pretty normal in Brazil – I wanted to make sure I was healthy enough to have a baby, that my uterus was healthy, and that I could try right away if I decided to do it.). I also had to make a change on my mental health medication and that ended up adding another year for us. I made a transition into something that’s considered safe to take during pregnancy and I needed to see if my body would adapt to it well. I also needed to purge my body from the old medication and that would take a minimum of 12 months. After all of that, Bret and I decided to enjoy a year of fun and games before trying for a baby and in the mean time we decided to get married.

In 2013 I quit smoking. Something I truly fought I never was going to be able to do. Bret helped me an immense amount. Ultimately, he said If I continued smoking I couldn’t live here anymore.

3 years and a lot of changes later we mutually decided that, hey, maybe it’s time. I got health insurance (thank you Obamacare, without out this baby would not exist), booked a visit to the doctor, made a world of exams to determine it was ok to start trying. This is the short version. A baby, for was, was a true journey. After we received an ok from my doctor, I decided to quit the pill (I had taken the pill for about 20 years non stop at that point). The doctor pointed it out that completely healthy couples would take about 12 months to get pregnant. I quit the pill on July 1st, on October 1st I had a positive pregnancy test in front of me. I could not believe it! I was seriously surprised. Even after all that planning.

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The beginning of the pregnancy was pure joy and celebration. I was able to keep my normal life and schedule, including visits to the gym until about 8 weeks – when I got nauseated and lightheaded during a body pump class and decided to quit pushing myself so hard. Then I got sick, heavily nauseated. I wanted to die, I was sick 24/7, there was no break and I tried to eat and keep my stomach busy to try to avoid feeling so sick. I did want anything, I didn’t want to leave the house, and my only moments of relief were when I was finally sleeping. At around 16 weeks I had a horrible case of nausea and vomit, I was sick for about 12 hours non-stop, weak, nothing would stop in my stomach anymore, not even water.

Afterwards I felt ok again. I stopped feeling so intently sick, I regained my energy and the cliché that you feel amazing during your second trimester became the most absolute truth for me. I could go on long, 2 hours walks alone, I would walk to the market or to get ice cream, it was glorious. I had a few cases of low blood pressure, I fainted a handful of times and around 20 weeks, during my ultrasound I discovered I had placenta previa anterior. Not only the place was covering the entrance of the cervix, it was in the front of my uterus and made feeling the baby harder because it served as a cushion between the baby and me.


I’m thankful for not freaking about about the placenta previa. I would have another ultrasound in 10 weeks to assess if the problem had resolved itself. In the mean time I had to watch closely for any bleeding. The ideal scenario would be that I’d never bleed. The worst case scenario, if I bled once I would be put on bed rest, if I bled twice and intently I would be in bed rest at the hospital. That was a bit scary, but since my positive pregnancy test Bret and I made a few agreements and commitments with each other. I would not be stressed out, ever, for any reason, he became immensely patient and tender with me, even when I was a difficult, evil bitch. On my side I would not stress, or freak out with anything, or spend my day reading about horrible stories, or think about the worst case scenario. We both wanted the bevy to grow and be born in a calm, sweet environment. All the baby needs is to be happy and healthy. For a person who suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder it was not an easy feat. But I have to confess that meditation, aromatherapy and countless immersion baths really helped me out. I had the most calm pregnancy possible.

By our next ultrasound, at 30 weeks, the placenta problem had resolved itself. We learned the baby was measuring 2 weeks bigger than schedule and my due date was changed from 06/06 to 05/28. We had another ultrasound at 35 weeks, that showed the baby was breech and started discussing a more than likely scenario for a cesarean birth. The weeks that followed were a bit tricky, I showed a few signs of early pre-eclampsia and ended up in the hospital a few times for observation. It showed low iron levels, which led to a lot of exhaustion, a few out of control readings of high blood pressure and low platelets in my blood. Nothing too serious, but my midwife recommended I stopped going everywhere and focused on resting, relaxing, spending time in bed with a marathon of Orphan Black and Younger.


During my last visit my cesarean was finally scheduled. On the 1st of June we will have an adorable Bebe with us, to love on, to make us scared for our lives, and to change absolutely everything we know. We are now less than two weeks away from that date. I feel like we have put everything together, gone over every single list of what to do in the last month of pregnancy. I’m cooking food and freezing for after the birth, I’ve packed my bags and Bret’s parents will be flying in prior to the date. Sometimes I can’t conceive that we are truly having a baby. I’m sure I’ll be extremely surprised when I meet him or her. It will take a while to sink in, I’m scared and excited, all at once.

I’m trying to enjoy plenty of sleep, alone time, long baths, date nights with Bret and prepare myself mentally for what’s to come. Having this time in advance to know when everything will go down has made me so calm and happy, I can’t even begin to explain it.

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I’ve loved on this belly for so long. I’ve enjoyed the belly so much, something I never even thought would happen. I’ve spent hours in bed with the baby, touching the belly, talking to it, discovering it’s patterns of movement and just rubbing oils and lotions on myself, playing music. I’ll certainly miss it. But Bret always reminds me that I’ll be happy and busy with the baby, I won’t have time to think about the belly. Bret has been such a gift to me. He has certainly had his nervous moments, but they were short lived, for the most part he has supported me and offered the best environment for this baby to grow calm and happy. He has been in every single class and doctor’s appointment with me, and has supported any decision and listened to any fear at 4 am. From a person that has never had a father, I have to say I’m feeling pretty proud of myself to have chosen the best man around, who will, without a doubt, become the best father for my child. This probably is the best achievement of my life.

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DSC09614 DSC09615

As I approach my 36 week mark, I spend more and more time thinking about the entirety of this journey that was my first pregnancy. Yesterday one of the apps I use sent me a message that I have only 30 days until my due date! I can’t even describe what this moment feels like, I’m completely in love with my belly and I’ll miss it! But, at the same time, I can’t remember anymore what it is like to feel comfortable or like myself or what it’s like to sleep a full night without cramps or heartburn. It’s definitely an anxious moment, a bitter sweet feeling.


We are so excited to meet out baby, to learn if it’s a boy or a girl, to bring this tiny being home and get to know each other. We have been working on the nursery tirelessly. My mother has washed all the baby clothes up to 6 months! Bret put furniture together and I mostly just watched. At this point I’m not much help! But it’s wonderful to just sit there in the room and imagine the baby!

Getting dressed these days is a true challenge. I spend most days on a loose t-shirt (I’ve been raiding Bret’s drawers) and I don’t really care about looking put together inside the house. I just want to be comfortable. But that doesn’t prevent me from dreaming of looking fabulous outside, I mean, look at this dress:


If I had anywhere to go to justify the expense… I can dream!

For the entire month of May I don’t have many plans. From now on we have weekly visits to the doctor, plenty of classes to take and we are still unpacking in our new home! So, it’s going to be a quiet May.

I plan on sharing a few more images from our shower and also our new home and nursery soon!

Have a great Thursday!


Pardon the heavy picture post. But, this week sweet Jacquelyne delivered the best e-mail ever, filled with images from an event put together by Louise, Lily and my mom that filled my heart! This baby was celebrated, talked about, loved to no measure. And I’m here today to share a few of the images, with focus on the decor. BabyMael001-X3 BabyMael002-X2 BabyMael003-X2 BabyMael004-X2

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetBebe Mael at 26 weeks!

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Bebe Mael at 27 weeks!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetBebe Mael at 28 weeks!

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Bebe Mael at 29 weeks!

We have hit 30 weeks! (I need to get mu shit together and try to take some pictures this weekend!). The scale has also hit some very foreign numbers, but I prefer not to focus on that! Sure, I have put an enormous amount of weight on (more than the recommended, by the way), but I have never been happier!

I love this gigantic belly!

I truly do! It makes me so happy! I would carry this baby around happily for 3 years or more! :) Seriously, it’s the most wonderful think in the world to feel my baby kick my guts all day long.

I feel tired. No, I feel exhausted all the time. And I’m so grateful for the chance to fully enjoy my pregnancy at home, without having to leave the house and go to a job I hate. I spend my days cuddling with my belly, talking to my baby, watching it move. People might think it’s an extreme waist of time. I don’t care. I’m loving every second I spend with my belly. I’m fortunate enough to do it, and I’m truly enjoying it without any gilt. If anything, I was never more thankful for Bret to put so much hard work to support our family so I can love on this baby full time.

That’s right, bebe: you are so immensely loved and everyone cannot wait to meet you.

I  the mean time, please, cook for another 10 weeks or so!?! We need that time to move, put your things together, come to terms with the fact that you ARE REAL and you ARE ARRIVING SOON! I dreamed of nesting and spending an absurd amount of time at the baby’s room and this is soon going to become a reality for me!

Happy Friday, friends! We are going to spend a desert hot weekend in the sun!I hope you do to!





We are moving!

11081103_10205697724260643_2068345988504463241_nWe are moving! It’s official now!

Since we discovered we were going to have a baby, we knew we had to find ourselves a new home. We spent five years in this apartment and had officially outgrown it. With a new baby, and all the baby things that come with it, we started looking for a new place to live.

I had a bunch of requirements. Some might sound weird or silly, but they were extremely important to me.

1. Stay where we are. I love Lowry, it’s filled with parks everywhere. I can take the baby on lovely walks. I also love our access to all the pools/jacuzzy, movie theater, etc. I want to be able to leave the house with the baby and go anywhere and everywhere walking, and here I can do that. So, moving to another neighborhood was something I would avoid at any cost.

2. The East side of town is full of sunshine and warmth. Every time we are out and about we comment how the west, or any other side of town really, is windier, colder, chillier than where we live! If I make the decisions in this family, we will be East Siders for life!

3. Face West or South. I mean, I need sunshine to live. It’s the main, most important reason we are in Denver. So, moving to a place that faces North or East would not be acceptable. We currently face west with a view of the mountains. Our new place will be facing south, and be taking in the sunshine ALL DAY LONG! Lovely!

4. A dishwasher is a first priority. Without it I don’t think there is one relationship able to survive.  I very serious. I credit my happy relationship to the fact we do have a dishwasher. Nothing would make me resent Bret more than washing dishes.

Besides that I couldn’t care less about any of the details. Of course, Bret had his own list of priorities. He loves a good balcony/patio, he needs access to be outside, he wanted a large enough closet to call his own, and other silly things.

We spent quiet some time thinking about it, researching and looking at places that, quite frankly, were very disappointing. Then, last week we found our new place. What a relief! It was so unexpected. I had lost hope of finding a place I would love!

We are moving directly across our home now, we can look into the living room of the place where we will be living. It’s been vacant for quite some time and we decided to take a look. We all fell in love!

It has a big enough place for the baby, and one of the most exciting bonus a home can offer: a fireplace!

Coming from Brazil (where it’s hot year round!), I never lived anywhere with a fireplace! It will be my first home with a fireplace and for the first time in my life I’m excited about winter. I’ll be cuddling near the fire with my baby, warm and happy!

This is why I’be been an absent asshole, not posting anything for about a month or so. I was so anxious about where we would be living and about my due date approaching soon, that I fell into a funk and this was all I could think about. At the same time, I was packing this house like a maniac (a slow, 8 months pregnant maniac), and couldn’t find the desire to write!

Now I feel so, so happy about our beautiful new place, the baby’s very first home and moving! It’s like a weight was lifted from my shoulders!

We move in one week. So, I’ll be helping pack and dream about the new space!

Happy Thursday, everyone!


A cool nursing chair!



I talked, here, about how I wasn’t sold on a nursing chair, rocker or glider to breastfeed the baby. It’s a large expense on a long list of many, many baby items I need to have before the baby arrives, and it seems like an item that will be left alone after I’m done nursing. But, when the post was published last week, people reached out to me with their arguments in favor of a great, comfortable chair to nurse.

My friends and family talked about the immense amount of time I’ll spend nursing this baby. I’m completely willing to listen to them and I’m considering my options. That’s when I found this chair, from a Kate Spade Saturday collaboration with West Elm. It’s a gorgeous print in a large, comfortable chair. It seems like it would make a gorgeous, confirmable spot to breastfeed Bebe Mael.

What do you think?

The Best of the Oscars

Oscar’s night is a big night at the Mael-Shugrue household. I watch everything, from the Red Carpets to the entire show and I always make sure to cook some deliciousness so Bret can enjoy a little something as well!

This time I made a Brazilian recipe of Passionfruit Cake, very light and fluffy. And since we are snowed in I made a heavy meat sauce pasta for dinner. Besides the yummy food, I’m always looking forward to the gorgeous gowns and here are my favorites this year:

The winner, for me was Emma Stone in Ellie Saab:


Pure perfection… f2f6873e_464155458.xxxlarge_2x

Naomi WattsJennifer-Lopez


Jennifer Lopez, also in Ellie Saab.5995f8fc_marion-cvr.xxxlarge


Marion Cotillard. 10834917_10152546918555736_6585529814663511579_o


Crissy Teagan. Lupita-Nyongo-Oscars-2015-Pictures-2 Lupita-Nyongo-Oscars-2015-Pictures


Gorgeous Lupita. 

Rosamund Pike. Dakota-Johnson

Dakota Johnson. Julianne-Moore

Juliane Moore. Margot-Robbie-2 Margot-Robbie

Margot Robbie, flawless beauty.

And one hot, hot man:

10996779_10152546975755736_1631234671639960805_oJared Letto.


We are continuing today our series of products we selected for the arrival of Bebe Mael with an emphasis on nursing (which I hope to be able to do) and feeding.

Rocker: Fine Mod Rocker Arm Chair

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.01.44 PMI really don’t see myself using a rocker. But, I may be wrong. I don’t have a baby yet, and I don’t know how long I’ll spend feeing said baby, so I might change my mind. The way I see it, I’ll seat in bed, or on my sofa and feed the baby this way. Since we didn’t know how I’ll end up feeding the baby, we didn’t invest on a rocker (which are mostly pricey) right away. I own the rocker above, a Eames inspired chair, and I plan on using that one, with my Genuine Real Australian Single Pelt Large Sheepskin Rug and then we can make a decision.

In terms of good design, tough, I love this one, from The Land of Nod, and this more affordable one from Amazon: Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker, Pebble with Dark Legs.

Did you use a rocker? I’d love to hear from other mama’s out there!

Nursing Pillow

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.25.35 PM

We chose My Breast Friend: My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow, Natural. The reason is: the reviews are incredible and all the mom’s who own this pillow have only good things to say about it. It seems it will be really useful and I’m truly looking forward to use it soon! It’s 100% organic cotton and it’s supposed to offer great support, which is exactly what I’m interested in.

Nursing Bra / Tanks:

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.36.11 PM

During the pregnancy, while my breasts started growing non stop (that’s how it felt!), I had to start trying new sizes of bra’s. I didn’t want to invest in bra’s that were just a different size, but also wanted something that was useful and that I could wear once the baby comes. The solution was investing in nursing bras that I’ll be using for quite some time. My mother in law gifted me what has been, so far, the best of all the nursing bra’s I have tried: Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra 1401 (Medium, Butterscotch). It’s comfortable, strong, offers support, doesn’t hurt, it’s simply amazing!

For sleep, I’m using both the Lamaze Sleep Bra (Lamaze Cotton Spandex Sleep Bra for Nursing and Maternity – Black, M) and the Medela Sleep Bra (Medela Womens’ Sleep Maternity & Nursing Bra – White – Large).

Angie gifted me the Medela Nursing Tank and it’s so comfortable it’s really something I see myself using all the time once the baby is here! (Similar: Motherhood Seamless Nursing Cami With Built In Cups).

Breast Pump:

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.22.00 PM

This is one of the greatest benefits of the healthcare reform. Almost all insurances covering women are obligated to provide a free breast pump for moms! (Thanks, Obama!). We have already checked with our and it seems everything will be ok, we can only apply in May, so we are waiting for it, but we have chosen the Medela Pump in Style, pictured above and I plan on taking full advantage of it. Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set-Model # 57081.

It’s also important to mention that this is an incredible personal item, there are double and single pumps, mechanical or automatic, various brands and options. I plan on including Bret on the breast feeding process, since he will not be actually lactating, I want to pump and leave some of the milk for him to feed the baby and promote the bond between them.

We also have a plan B in case my insurance, for whatever reason, fails to provide us with the pump, we selected this one: Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump, 2015 Version. Hopefully, we won’t have to purchase it.


Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.30.16 PM

We purchased the Kindee Breastfeeding Starter Kit a while back. It seems to be an amazing and easy way to pump, store, save and feed the baby. The same store bag becomes the bottle and I was really attracted to that. Kiinde Breastfeeding Starter Kit.

Now, since we don’t know what the baby will enjoy most, we chose an alternative system and my mother gifted us the entire Avent system: Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Infant Starter Gift Set. It makes me more comfortable to know we have a couple of options to offer the baby, in case we get a picky one!

Other options would be: 2 Pack, Mixie Formula-Mixing Baby Bottles, 4 oz., the Mixie actually looks awesome for formula feeding. The Comotomo Baby Bottle, Pink, 8 Ounce, 2 Count, which mimics the breast, I love that idea. And the Mimijumi Breastfeeding Baby Bottle, 2 Pack.

I plan on updating this section as soon as I learn more about breastfeeding and nursing and I have a better idea of what we will use and need.

Other Registry picks here:

Baby Registry 101

1. Sleep




Happy Friday, friends!

Ooooof! What a week!

We have returned home from NYC, unpacked, started packing all over again (to move, this time!), shared some of our registry picks for Bebe Mael with you and Bret has FOUR open houses this long weekend here in Denver and also in Centennial, CO.

Today, I’m 24 weeks pregnant and have my diabetes test! [cross your fingers for me, please!] Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! I made Bret a DIY gift and framed it and hung near he’s bike: it’s all the cities and states where we, including the baby were born!

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If you are in the Denver area, stop by to see us at one of Bret’s Open Houses:

Long Weekend Open House:
Sunday, Feb. 15th. – From 1 -3pm.
Monday, Feb. 16th. – From 1-4pm.
Long Weekend Open House:
Saturday, Feb. 14th, From 12-4pm
Sunday, Feb. 15th, From 1-4pm.

In case you have missed, this is our registry picks for Bebe Mael, a guide I hope to help or inspire other mama’s to be:

Baby Registry 101

1. Sleep

Have a wonderful long weekend!