Happy Monday, peeps!

By the end of the week we will have only 5 months until our wedding. This is a terrifying thought, it feels like there is so much to do, I don’t even know… Every time I get one of those wedding checklists they are so long they give me anxiety!

I talked about my wedding beauty routine here and the wonderful cleanser I’m using that is helping to clean my skin and prevent new breakouts! To complement the anti-acne beauty regime I’m constantly using Sanitas’ Glycotoner 5% with glycolic acid that’s formulated to exfoliate dead skin cells, lighten hyperpigmented areas and improve skin tone and texture. It’s said that this toner can can dramatically minimize the appearance of pores and soften fine lines and wrinkles, which I welcome very much!

This week I’ll be making another stop at Sanitas to stock on this toner, sunscreen and other products I’ll be sharing here! I’ll be serving as a model for the waxing class again and have been letting my admit hair grow for the last couple of weeks! I’m super excited to get rid of all of it soon! :)

Have a wonderful week, peeps!

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Wedding Beauty Routine / Cleanser

packing for Honeymoon

I was on the phone with Lily the other day and we were discussing my honeymoon. She was telling me about her honeymoon and how dreamy and relaxing it was, when I asked her: “Can I start packing for my honeymoon now?” Lily knows how crazy I am and she will not expect anything less from me!

Here are few things that scream honeymoon and I hope to pack them very soon!14WSPR_WH640_BLU_M05

Doesn’t this dress look like we should go on vacation NOW?



Images via Boden.



Images via Honest


We talked about where we plan to go here.

Flower Girl Dresses

Although I don’t have a tradition wedding party, I’ll have three adorable flower girls in my wedding. Shopping for little girls dresses have been super fun and have made me dream of a little girl of my own!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.35.23 AM


Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.39.28 AM


and my favorite:




Can I have a dress exactly like this on my size, please?

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!


This was a trying week, to say the least. Tomorrow I’ll be driving B. to the airport, he will be spending a week with this family and friends back in the east coast and I’ll be manning the business here in Denver! I plan on taking a class, meeting friends for drinks and picking up beautiful flowers!

Here are a few go the guest blog posts I wrote this week:

1. Denver City Guide: Maya Hidden Worlds Revealed at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

2. Denver City Guide: Horseshoe Flea Market

3. 4 Bed 3 Bath Home for Sale in Centennial, CO

4. 2 Bedroom and 2 Bathroom Condo for Sale in Aurora, CO

Have a wonderful weekend with the people you love!


Image: photo by Julia Robbs from our engagement party in Montclair, NJ. Flower arrangement by yours truly!


H&M Conscious Collection

H&M’s 2014 Conscious Collection launched this morning and it’s stunning! Here are a few of the pieces I’m drooling over, specially the wedding dress and the black shoes!


^^ I could totally get married in this dress! ^^


hmprod-3 hmprod-7

^^ These shoes are a work of art! ^^

hmprod hmprod-2 hmprod-4 hmprod-5


Isn;t this entire outfit just dreamy? Swoonnnnnn!

The collection is available online here and in stores today!

Lua de Mel [honeymoon]


Bret and I have started planning our honeymoon. Our original itinerary (and my dream honeymoon) was discarded. We are not leaving for our honeymoon soon after our wedding in September. It just doesn’t make sense if you look at the business’ calendar! We are, normally, super busy in September and around Thanksgiving and Christmas absolutely nothing happens. So, we decided: we are leaving on Thanksgiving morning and spending most of December on the beach! Yeah!

Our original itinerary included a long time in Positano, a few day trips to Capri and extra days exploring Rome and Naples. Since I planned on spending a LOT of time in the water, it did not make sense to go to Italy in December! So, we changed everything 180 degrees! We are doing a beach combo: Florida Keys + Mexico + Turks and Caicos.

Here is my thinking: it’s going to be the end of the year! I’m going to be cold and grumpy and complaining about the weather and the snow! Nothing better than a romantic break on the beach in three different countries!  To make it possible we took Joanna’s advice and registered at! A honeymoon registry makes so much sense! Traveling is both Bret and mine biggest passion. We are happiest on the road and more important than a wedding will ever be is my honeymoon. Actually, before anything else, I started thinking: “What type of moment is the most treasured with Bret? What are the best memories I have of being with him?” And the answer ALWAYS is a moment we had together on a trip. I want to build more of those memories!

I mentioned before how I never dreament about my wedding, could never visualize it [still can’t. I’m working on it, but it still feels like somebody else’s life, not mine! will that ever change?]! But, I could always dream of a honeymoon. My first love was the French Polynesia. Then, I wanted to go to the Maldives and finally Positano.

How the hell did Florida Keys + Mexico + Turks and Caicos idea started? 

My first trip outside of the country with B was to Mexico in 2010. I had THE BEST TIME of my life. It was also our first time at the beach together. I learned so much about him and fell in love with him ever more deeply than before. One day, I was taking a nap in my hotel room and Bret decided to go for a walk on the beach. He came back with the most beautiful conch or sea shell. Gorgeous! I have it still, it’s at home, every time I look at it I smile. I couldn’t stop imagining him walking by the beach, collecting shells until he found this one, big and flawless and brought it to me. It reminds me of his child spirit, his explorer ways, I just love who he is so much! Bret gives the best gifts!

On the same trip, I learned Bret was exactly like me when it comes to traveling and vacationing. And, you NEED to marry someone who looks at trips the same way you do! It’s just a must!

We never make it relaxing. In fact, we find ways to make it crazy, stressful, full of stops! We are always driving, always on the road, we both get bored  rather quickly and move on to the next place/activity! On one day, in Mexico, we left Cancun, by car, not knowing exactly where to drive, went to Isla Mujeres (my favorite place in the entire world is that island), drove a golf cart around the whole island, lounged on a bed on the beach, ate some deliciousness, left, drove to Puerto Morelos, had amazing lunch on the beach, and drove back to Cancun!

So, when we realized we would have to ditch the Italian honeymoon, my first thought was: let’s go back to Mexico! We are flying to Miami, spending sometime at the Keys (Bret has never been to Miami or driven through the Keys, which should be categorized as a sin), then flying to Mexico.

My friend Luciana, from the A-MA-ZING blog Colagem is helping us with the logistics and ideas. She is a travel agent and an amazing one at that! Also, I have never met anyone who has travelled more than her, so I trust her completely. She mentioned about this small place in the middle Caicos island and Bret fell in love with the idea. I’m so grateful to Luciana for helping us! She is just the best!

Now, I can barely think about the wedding, I continue thinking the whole things is a waste of time and money and can only daydream of my honeymoon. I got a bunch of guides, and I’m creating a list of things to do in each day! I drove through the Keys in 2012 with my bestie, but we had such limited time I can’t wait to be back!

If you have any tips, please, share!

Have a wonderful week!

(I’ll be here, dreaming of the beach!)


Image via Dreamstime.

DIY / $1 Clipboard Art Frame

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


My IG friend Kara Rosenberry (check out her Etsy store!) inspired this post, originally published in the Move 2 Denver blog:

I got these clipboards from the dollar store. They are simple, but I wanted them to be fabulous! So, I spray painted the hardware with gold paint, added a few inexpensive art prints and, violá, a beautiful, quirky art frame for your home!

I had this idea because I love art very much. Especially illustrations. You can check out myPinterest board with art I love here! Sometimes, investing in art we love takes a toll on our wallet. Professionally framing it is always expensive and I wanted an option to display my art in a beautiful way that didn’t cost too much, and that I could easily change the print from time to time! Do you guys do that? I think I change the prints in our home according to the seasons!

So here is a step by step:

1. Protect the clipboard and expose only the hardware. 

Certain stores will sell clipboards that come with a protective plastic that exposes only the hardware. Those are the easiest to work with! If you are working with a clipboard you already have at home, make sure you cover the clipboard with paper/plastic and prepare to spray paint the hardware only!

2. Select the right spray paint. 

There are many options at the hardware store (my next choice might be fluorescent pink), I chose my favorite metallic spray paint: Rust-oleoum gold.

3. Choose your favorite art print. 

I constantly get prints from magazines or books that have images that speak to me. You don’t need to invest a lot to find prints that match your aesthetic or your home decor!

Voilá! A cool, inexpensive frame for your favorite art!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Check the full post here!

currently crushing on kimonos



I’m currently crushing hard on beautiful kimonos I’ve seen on the web. I love this floral kimono from H&M!




What about this sheer green and sequins kimono? You can totally dress it up or down!

The robe I got to wear in the morning of the wedding is also kimono style!

I think kimonos will be my THING this spring!


wedding beauty routine / cleanser



Last week we started a countdown: 6 months until our wedding! 

I booked an appointment with my esthetician, Michelle from Brows at the Boulevard, here in Denver! I told her the news and, after celebrating it, we created a beauty routine plan for the next six months.

After our engagement party last year, I made a few not so healthy decisions regarding my eating habits. Not only I put a bunch of pounds on my body, but those decisions exploded in my face in the form of acne! I cannot eat awful things, it will def. show!

I visited Michelle then (last year), got a facial targeting my acne problems and she recommended a few products with Glycolic acid from Sanitas, including the cleanser pictured above. I fell in love!

The reason why I love Sanitas is, because they are a brand created in Colorado, they understand the climate of the area, how dry it is and the damage it can cause the skin. They create products with that in mind. They are perfect if you live in near desert conditions like we do!

Not only that visit cleared my face, I have a lot less breakouts now. I’m keeping my beauty regime and going for two facials, one just days before the wedding! I want a glowing skin, without acne scars or breakouts!

But, the reason I’m telling this story here is not only because I  found a cleanser I love! I had the craziest experience involving Sanitas the other day: they hold a bunch of classes for estheticians in their offices in Boulder. A few weeks back they needed a model for their Brazilian Wax class (and by that, they meant a girl who would be naked in front of 20 people and get waxed!).

I applied and there I went! It’s a crazy experience, one for the list of “Things I Never Thought I Would EVER do, like EVER!”.

And before you think I’m out of my mind, here is the thought process: I have gotten Brazilian Waxes a 100 Thousand times (I’m Brazilian, after all, this is not news to me). I was way overdue getting a wax myself, and since I had to do it anyway, why pay for it? This was an opportunity to save around $200 and I took it! I also got paid in Sanitas products, which I have enough of now until the wedding! Isn’t that great!?!

Ok, I had to be naked in front of a bunch of girls, but once you are naked, it does not make a difference if it’s in front of one stranger or 20 strangers! The quantity of people does not change my reality! Right?!

It was a cool adventure and I’m glad I had the courage to drive there and go through with it!

Here is why I love this cleanser:

1. Alpha Hydroxy Acid stimulates skin;

2. Exfoliates, removes impurities, oil and makeup;

3. Produces even tone, firmer skin and smoother texture and more!

On top of it, it’s a citrus cleanser that smells like wonderful oranges! Citrus is my favorite scent EVER!