Bebe Mael is the size of a laranja / orange (in Portuguese!).

It’s even hard to believe that we are starting the week with a baby so big inside my belly. All of a sudden it feels like this is going way too fast and I need it to slow down a little. After I have hit 15 weeks I have felt better, considerably better! I thought the nausea would disappear like magic. Now I can laugh of my ideas and thoughts about pregnancy. I still get nauseous but it’s less and less and for shorter periods of time.

I also don’t feel like a hungry bear all the time anymore. It’s been easier to control portions, plan meals, think about eating and even cooking. I have been able to stand the smell of food more and have spent more time cooking elaborate meals for Bret.

In terms of cravings, the big winner this week, besides oranges, obviously, are tomatoes. Sometimes I make an entire plate of tomatoes and season with truffled olive oil and salt. That’s a fantastic meal in my books! :)

Half an orange We have booked the 20 weeks ultrasound that will study the anatomy of the baby and I can’t wait for that appointment! We have also booked a tour to the hospital maternity wing (brand new, just opened on Dec.13th) and the next two midwife visits at the hospital (we are switching locations!).

My plans for the week are to finally wrap all Christmas gifts and cards and put them in the mail! I can’t believe how late I’m doing this, but while I was sick I had the desire to do absolutely nothing! So, let it be known, people: some packages might arrive late! Very late!

Also, orange juice, plenty of orange juice! :)


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closeup of a whole lemon


Bebe Mael is the size of a limão siciliano / lemon in Portuguese! – if you ask me: AMAZING!

Well, I’m back after feeling miserable for what felt like AGES! It was 8 full weeks of nausea, indigestion, gas, hemorrhoids, no energy whatsoever, and I even felt a little bummed at times. You see, I want to enjoy life and my pregnancy and not feel like death all the time! :) In between all these symptoms, smart Bret gave himself a stomach bug and was down for the entire weekend, poor thing. He got REALLY sick this time – it was no joke! I’m just very glad that I didn’t try his piece of undercooked lamb and felt great! Hehe! :)

We have also been working like crazy in three separate listings and preparing for a fourth that’s coming into the market soon. It’s been craziness non-stop in this house. But, at the same time, we got to listen to the baby’s heart for the first time ever last week. It was a very anxious, nervous and happy/emotional moment all at once! My mom was in town and the three of us clowns went to the doctor’s office together! It really looked like a circus! You can just close your eyes and imagine…

Somehow both Bret and I had recorded the video of the heart beat to share with family and friends. I even checked the video in the office: 1m25sec. and when we arrived home it was deleted from BOTH OUR PHONES! How was that possible? I cried, obviously and cried and Bret got me a fetal doppler all to myself. Now we listen to this baby’s little heart every night before bed and it’s pretty special. I should feel ashamed and spoiled. Fuck that! I feel great! Listening to my baby’s heart is one of the best things ever!

I have made some videos and sent to our mothers, but they are totally NSFW so I can’t really share them here! :(


While this lemon is busy growing, we are trying to finish things up for the year around here. There are Christmas parties to attend, people we want to see, presents to be wrapped and an entire home to be cleaned now that I feel slightly better!

I have also received my bluum box, that I will review here on the blog and opened some amazing things I have saved for this baby for the past few years and I’m trying to get myself organized! Things feel like they are moving really fast!

Have a great week, friends!

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Happy Friday! (kinda…)


Hello, friends! How do you plan to enjoy this weekend? I’m currently in bed, suffering with nausea, migraines, belly aches, the joys of early pregnancy… Bret has two open houses tomorrow and a soccer game on Sunday. I have given up on making plans. I have great days and then I have the most miserable days on my life. I can’t wait to feel better, to be able to be out enjoying a warm and sunny December outside, enjoying my pregnancy, taking my baby to have lunch outside and shopping for cute tiny things.

Here is to a happy weekend! Starting now! :)

Images from Paul McDonough, pregnant woman in NYC in 1969.

Holidays Wish List

Hello, peeps!

I’ve taken some time off the past two weeks to focus on feeling better (at 13 weeks, I’m still sick as a dog, gassy, nauseated, having daily headaches, indigestion, all of it! Pregnancy is not for the weak, as I have learned…) and also to enjoy my mother’s visit during the Thanksgiving week.

She flew in on Sunday, Nov. 23rd and is flying back home today! We already miss her! She spoiled Bret by cooking all this favorite meals, ironing his work clothes, getting him a Costco membership so he can shop away his gigantic boxes of cereal bar for his bike rides and much more! Although, I was not a world of fun to be around, we did a couple of very fun activities together and organized a Christmas shopping list for Bebe Mael.

We have decided that Bret and I will not exchange gifts this year! Instead we will focus on our checklist to get ready for the baby! Babies are a big expense, also I would love to take all the baby prep classes at the hospital (those cost money), start taking the prenatal yoga classes they offer, as well as some barre classes since I was put on a diet by my doctor (already! I’m shameless!).

Besides creating a registry on Amazon website for our upcoming baby shower (thanks to the help of the amazing Joanna from Cup of Jo, Joy from Oh Joy! and  (one of my favorites!) Modern Eve along with my friend Lily and my step sister Angie – Thank you, ladies!), we also put together a Christmas Wish List for the baby! (I had fun doing this, I have to confess.)

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.52.22 AM

Here are some of the products we have chosen and why:

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A few weeks back, I made my first pie ever. An American Pie with apples, like in the movies! Lexy, from the amazing blog The Proper Pinwheel hosted a workshop here in Denver and has just shared the details of that amazing night on Style Me Pretty Living yesterday! (check out the complete post here!). 

She managed to put together a flawless event, the decor was amazing, the goodies bag was incredible and she taught with grace. Even I got to make a pie, which I brought home, Bret baked it and we shared together in bed.

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Pregnancy Update: 7 Weeks



Bebe Mael is the size of Grão-de-Bico, chickpea in Portuguese.

This was not an exciting week by any means, I felt sick on and off, sometimes for an entire night or an entire day. At this point, it was cute that I thought that I was going to have the easiest pregnancy in the world.

I have had every single pregnancy symptom possible: indigestion, gas, nausea, constipation, extreme hunger, stomach pain, etc, is not very fun! I spent the week going from my bed to the bathroom and have not been very productive (at all) and even though I’m extremely happy, it’s hard to enjoy the pregnancy if I’m sick all the time!

Here are a few things that have helped sooth my aches and pains:

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Happy Friday!


The happiest of all faces taking a selfie at the doctor’s office!

Happy Friday, friends!

I wanted to thank everyone who have been so welcoming to Bebe Mael and me, here on the blog, friend, family, everyone! I love to hear the excitement on people’s voice when we are talking about this baby and the sweet messages! Bebe Mael is already so loved!

This week we have been locked inside due to horrible, frigid weather here in Denver. I have not been too productive at all (unless you count a marathon of Gotham as productive…), so here is to hope that, maybe, next week, it will warm up a little, especially in preparation for Thanksgiving!

What are you guys planning for this weekend? The Fall, a BBC2 series debuted last night in England and I plan on doing a marathon of the first season with Bret on Netflix in preparation to watch Jammie Dorman kill plenty of people! Yeah!

Here are a few fun links from around the web:

The Disease of Being Busy – I loved the quote: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Bret and I just tried our first Hello Fresh box and loved it!

A fantastic spaghetti squash recipe I plan on trying this weekend!

We discovered the best ice cream place in town: High Point Creamery. I mean, take a look at their joy flight:


Have a great weekend!

Baby Gender Predictor Quiz by Tiny Prints

Are you pregnant? Do you want to know the gender of the baby? When you were pregnant did you discover the gender? Bret and I have had a world of conversations about it and we had decided not to know! We want a SURPRISE! Here is why:

We will have to wait 9 months anyway to meet this baby. Doesn’t matter the gender.

Also, we don’t want the gender of the baby to dictate the way we think about it or the dreams we create for this tiny little being. Pink and blue are big no-no’s around here, and we want this baby to be able to be and do whatever it wants! So, the gender, really, doesn’t matter to us!

It doesn’t mean we are not curious! We are! So when I saw this Baby Gender Predictor Quiz from Tiny Prints I didn’t think twice to check what the predictions were!

According to the results, we will have a:

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Holidays Decorating with Etsy

It’s no surprise I LOVE Etsy. Throughout my engagement and wedding season I supported Etsy businesses over big box stores to make sure I would be supporting a small business and an artisan. My mom is the inspiration for me, she is an entirely too talented artisan, who sells not only on Etsy but also custom orders and flea markets and I know the importance of supporting artisans first hand.

So, when it came to decorating our home for Christmas this year, my first thought was: ETSY! I’m doing an entirely Etsy-inspired and Etsy-bought products Holiday decor in our home and also celebrating Bebe Mael’s first Holidays, this one will be one for the books!

Here are a few items I have chosen so far:


A Stag Head by ForwardandBone – I plan on decorating it with a holiday floral crown and a cool garland!


Vintage baubles from Chixycoco – I’m currently working on my collection of Christmas baubles and this year I plan on adding a couple of vintage ones like these!



Personalized ornaments by SophiaVictoriaJoy.


Felted ornament by lizzieneedles.


Make your own winter friend by claraandmacy.


Christmas cards by DukeandRabbit.


Gift tags by KaraRosenberryCo. Her new collection is THE BOMB.COM


Tiny Christmas trees by BeledienHandmade.


More vintage baubles by RoseAndWaterVintage

I’m waiting for my mom to arrive next week so we can go and choose our Christmas tree. A tradition we started last year and had so much fun doing together!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Picture from last year in Boulder!

How are you feeling about the holidays? Very excited? We will be crafting a storm with Lexy from The Proper Pinwheel at West Elm Denver, on Dec. 4th. Even Bret wants to attend! :) Here is additional information if you want to join us!