Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!

I hope you guys have enjoyed Bridal Shower Week! We are currently setting up everything for our own Bridal Shower tomorrow and we will be sharing a few images on Instagram if you would like to see!

Here are a few snaps from my week in NYC:

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Have a fantastic weekend!


All my love!


Casa dos Mael

A Lingerie Shower

That’s right! A lingerie shower!

To continue with Bridal Shower Week, I’d like to share with you something I’ve never seen in the US, but in Brazil, a lingerie shower is a MUST! You register for all the lingerie you would like to wear on honeymoon or after the wedding and the girls will get together and celebrate your upcoming nuptials with cake and lots of champagne!

This is def. one of the ideas I secretly love the most and I chose one of the most over the top lingerie shower I’ve ever seen, they hired a drag queen and a Brazilian singer/dancer from the 80′s to entertain! Also, the girls received kits to customize their t-shirts and everything was loosely based on characters in Brazilian soap operas. The blogger Camila Coutinho seemed to have enjoyed herself and all the pictures looks like they had loads of fun:


Images via Camila Coutinho and her blog Garotas Estúpidas.

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A Tea Party

Today, on our Bridal Shower Week, we will do something different: feature both a Brazilian and American Tea Party Bridal Shower so  you can see the differences and similarities in the two cultures through a single theme!

A Tea Party in America:

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Images via Inspired by This.

I think I’d love a tea party, I even thought about it for a while, Bret loves tea like no one else I’ve ever seen. But I can’t get into it. I have tried many times, but it’s something I’m always avoiding!

A Tea Party in Brazil: 

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Images via Vestido de Noiva.

This seems to be a more traditional tea party and bridal shower. In Brazil the bride will wear a veil, open gifts, participate in games and much more! I’m not that much into it, more reason for our Couple’s Shower to be a party for everyone!

Also, a Ladybug inspired bridal shower and a modern drinks’ class for the bridal party!

Our Couple’s Shower ideas and creation!

A Bartender Class for the Bridal Party

Continuing with our series today, Bridal Shower Week, I’d like to share something with you I really, really loved when we were researching cool, modern Bridal Showers and alternatives to include everyone! This is a class with a Bartender on how to make drinks for the entire Bridal Party via the Brazilian wedding website Vestido de Noiva!

Mixologia por DuoBorgatto Mixologia por DuoBorgatto

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A Ladybug Bridal Shower

We are continuing with Bridal Shower Week! Today, we will show you an amazing Bridal Shower in Brazil and the theme is the most darling thing ever: ladybugs! This Bridal Shower was originally published in one of the best Brazilian websites featuring Weddings, Constance Zahn!


Look at the cake, how adorable is it?

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Bridal Shower Week

I’m already in NYC for our Couple’s Shower this weekend and since I spent so much time researching Bridal Showers both in the US and in Brazil, I’m going to share with you some of the most beautiful, most amazing Bridal Showers I have found in the past few months here, during Bridal Shower Week!

Here is a little bit about our theme and our choices:

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 12.37.51 PM

^^ Our invitations made by the lovely Tyne from Pacific Coast Paper on Etsy!

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#tbt this week is this image: an amazing time with people I love, eating our faces of at Eataly in NYC! We had a dinner with the guests from Brazil who flew in for our engagement party last yard and we had a blast!

Plus: Eataly! I mean, that place is amazing!

Can’t wait to take Kara and Bill there next week!

Have a happy Thursday!

P.S. I miss you, Cá! 

Flower Girl


Flower girls are all the rage lately. But, this work from one of my favorite illustrators of all time is just darling! Emily Isabella is an illustrator and designer who have been developing a series of women with mixed media: she uses actual flowers, or petals, on their hair and the results are just amazing:


^^ I’m obsessed with this one! It really inspires me, I can’t wait to wear fresh flowers on my hair!

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Her Facebook page will make you swoon.



I’m on my way home.

Thinking about it, I haven’t been home in about 10 months or so…

I miss my peeps!

I plan on spending a lot of time in Brooklyn snuggling with babies and spending time with my girls, then I’m heading home to see my mom and prepare for our Couple’s Shower next weekend!

Have a fantastic week!

Image of Prospect Park, Brooklyn, 1944 via Museum of the City of New York.

The dangerous act of watering plants

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Last week, I was watering my plants when I felt a stabbing pain in my lower left back. The pain was so sharp in laid on the floor and for the next two hours I did not have the courage to try to get up. B. was working at his office and I was alone in the house, so I just enjoyed the pain until I tried to get up and I almost fainted. The pain was so intense, was scary! I managed to go to the pool that night, tried to loosen up in the jacuzzi but it only got worse. I was hoping I would go to sleep and wake up feeling a lot better – I truly believe on the power of healing of sleep.

On Friday, I visited the doctor and it was confirmed: sciatica. Have ever felt this type of pain? The sciatic nerve is pinched my the muscles and the pain that starts around your hips runs down your leg. It’s just terrible! Now I’m home with a lot of medication, trying to recover fast for my trip tomorrow.

Four days in bed was very frustrating being that I have so much to do, luggage to pack, finalize details for the party, fly home, start organizing everything… I mean, can’t I be in bed in January? On this note, I need to run and see if I get everything done!

Have a great week!

Image of the sunflowers I’m planting as a wedding gift to Bret.