Magnus’ Birth Story 

10 months later I finally got my act together and am able to think about it, talk about it, remember those magical days! Here is Magnus’ birth story: 

I think that, now, four months later [I started writing this down 6 months ago!] I’m starting to heal from Magnus’ birth. I’ve finally gathered the strength to talk about it. It was such an intense and special moment in our lives, I don’t want to forget the details. 

On the day we were scheduled I woke up an hour early to feel my baby move and kick inside of me one last time. I had enjoyed my pregnancy and, most of all, my belly in ways I never expected I would. 

So, it’s 4am and I have a whole hour to just enjoy my baby, cuddle with my belly, talk to my little love. At around 5am I jumped in the shower. Magnus and I have had plenty of conversations about how it was almost time we would meet. I try preparing my baby, and myself, the best I could. 

In the shower, I told him: it’s you and me today! We are going to make this happen! Courage! I can’t wait to meet you! 

After getting ready we met with Bret’s parents at the hospital! (I must inform you, this was the last time I did my hair, nails, wax, full makeup, because now – there is no time!!!) Michelle was also there to capture the most intense moments of our lives. 

We checked in, I got changed into my green flowery robe. I really didn’t want to wear those sad hospital gowns. This was such a happy moment, I wanted to feel happy and cheery and not like I was sick. 

The nurses started preparing me for surgery. I had pretty fantastic nurses who talked to me and calmed me down when I was really terrified of a major surgery!

We talked to doctors and the anesthesiologist and really got scared with the description of it all, what could go wrong, etc. I prefer not to focus on the negative! During very important moments, the mind is your leader, I prefer my mind to be in a positive, good place! Everything goes well when you are focusing on the best. 

It felt like quickly it was the time to go to the operating room. (I had tons of anxiety diarrhea before leaving my room! I was terrified!) 

 In Brazil you are wheeled there in your bed like a sick person. In America you walk to the battlefield. I like that! It’s already a much more positive attitude towards what is about to happen. 

I was terrified. I cried a little. I was really afraid of what was coming. After I had my IV on, the anesthesiologist probably gave me something to calm my nerves and soon I was feeling brave and super nice! 

I entered the room alone, I was absolutely high, my memories of this moment are super fussy, had to get my epidural (my biggest fear on the whole thing was the epidural), I sat there in that uncomfortable position, bending over my belly, alone. I really felt alone and scared here! Bret was outside. But the nurses who were with me were so positive and kind. They really make the whole experience so much more calmer and better. 

Once Bret entered the room, I was high, happy, I wasn’t preoccupied, just enjoying myself and excited to meet my baby. I told him things like: “Bret, I’m feeling all the feelings” (with a huge smile), and “Can you believe we did this? We made a baby from scratch.”! 

They had started the surgery, when they were ready to pull out the baby they announced they would do so. Michelle entered the room and started capturing the most incredible images of my life. 

At some point I felt a lot of tugging and pulling and I learned (later) I vomited a little. I have no memory of vomiting. I saw in Michele’s pictures I had vomited. 

Once they were ready, they lowered the blue fabric that covered my abdomen and left only a transparent plastic so I could see the baby coming out. I thought that was amazing. From all our requests for a Gentle Cesarian, this was one of the best features. 

(How amazing is it that I write this here, in bed, holding my little’s hand?!) 

They pulled Magnus out, Bret announced we had a BOY (!!!!) and all I could think of was about how long he was! He was a long, big baby! It felt like it took an eternity to pull him out. I have the image of seeing him for the first time burned in my mind. I’ll never forget that moment, baby boy. 

Bret told me later, the first thing Magnus did when they pulled him out was to pee on my chest. I thought that was hilarious, I’m sad I missed that moment. I was so emotional, I couldn’t see much of anything. 

They took Magnus away to be cleaned, weighted, etc and Bret joined him. I couldn’t wait to see more of him, I was so happy and excited he was here! I cried with true happiness! 

Bret tells me here is where he gets bad news that Magnus needs to go to the NICU – I didn’t know any of this yet. 

After its all over, they placed Magnus on my chest, we were taken to our room and were ready to meet the grandparents. 

Here is where, if I could, I would have paused time. I wanted to be alone with my husband and my baby and enjoy him a little. Only the 3 of us. It didn’t happen. In fact, it was not only the 3 of us for quite a long time. 

We were wheeled back to our room, Magnus met all his grandparents and my mother took over the show. She would push the baby on my breast, force things… I understand she was trying to help us get on with the breastfeeding – but I would appreciate to have things happen on a more natural, organic way. I felt violated. My moments with my baby were being taken away from me. 

Becoming a mother has been, without doubt, the most confusing moment of my entire life. As a new mom, I have no idea what I’m doing, I spend my nights awake wondering if the baby is (insert here – happy, hungry, comfortable, in pain, rested, safe…). It’s a very lonely moment of my existence. 

Weird facts about Magnus’ birth: 

  1. The doctor had to use a vaccumm to help pull Magnus out! He was really high up my belly! 
  2. I lost an absurd amount of blood during surgery due to the placenta prévia. Instead of the normal max. 2l. I lost 15l. 
  3. Magnus was born such a big dude all the nurses would say: good for you (for having a cesarean). 
  4. Bret saw my intestines in the operating table and a river of blood on the floor when he was called to see the baby! How weird is that?!

Magnus @ 9 months

I’ve been slacking around here! Since Magnus was born I struggled on finding the balance between being his mom and myself – all at once! It’s hard! And even though we are three people taking care of him, in shifts, like factory workers, it’s just tough to do anything for myself.

But, one thing that feels very important to me is to register a bit of my time with him. I don’t want to forget the wonderful moments we share together, specially now that he is so, so little!!!

So, even though I haven’t written much in the past 9 months I decided to start today! Register our days together, who he is, who he is becoming, how adorable he is!

Here we go:

Fridays are library days around here, we go to class (Book Babies) where he gets to sing, dance and most importantly interact with other babies – something so important but that he has very little chance to do otherwise!

Today we walked to class, Magnus passed out in the stroller and only woke up 1 hour later when we were almost arriving! We were already late and the class was full! Super crowded!

We sat down and he immediately started dancing, kicking his legs, enjoying himself! It was completely adorable! He never interacted so much in class like today! He waved hello to other babies, sung out loud, shook his shaker, and had a blast!
After class they bring a bunch of toys to the floor and all babies interact and play together! He chose a gigantic bell inside a plastic tube and played with it! There is so much wonder in his eyes, it’s beautiful to watch!

Later while I chose spring + Easter books he played in the carpet with cars he discovered, it was pretty adorable!


I’m a terrible person when it comes to resolutions for the new year. Yet, I can’t contain myself and keep thinking about a thousand things I’d change/do/make in 2016. They include simple things such as eat less bread, cut the soda, or be more patient, take Magnus to the museum every week… I wish I had the strength to keep them going all year long. But, guess what, I had bread today! :)

One thing I know I can vow to make and it will def. happen is crafts with the baby. So I got this book as a Holiday gift to myself. I’m in love and so is he, I don’t if it’s the babies or the colors, but he loves the book! I plan on working on plenty of projects with and for Magnus and we are starting now with a playmat:

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender

I’ll post the result as soon as I have it.

MacLaren Triumph Stroller – 20% OFF

One of my very favorite baby gear deals of the year! Right now the Maclaren Triumph Stroller, Medieval Blue/Silver is 20%OFF. A savings of $40! And these umbrella strollers rarely go on sale.

We had to recently purchase an umbrella stroller for upcoming trips and to make my life easier, my mother is back at work after spending 4 month with is, I called it her grandmotherly leave, and now I’m alone and need anything that will make my day easier and getting Magnus out of the house daily is a priority for me.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.24.06 PM


Maclaren Triumph Stroller, Medieval Blue/Silver


We also used my Amazon Mom registry discount and got an extra 15% OFF with the final price being $136. It’s really a baby deal! 

With this silence.

When the house is so quiet in the middle of the night that all you hear are the sprinklers outside and my baby is peacefully sleeping and my husband is peacefully snoring I can’t help but think about the beauty of family.

After a long weekend spent together, doing our best to enjoy the last very hot days of summer with some success (insert first bike ride post baby here!) and some failures (baby decides to cry desperately and needs to be rocked by the supermarket cashier – you know what, I’ll count that as a success too!), I’m just so happy about the adventures we share, the moments – mundane or not – we spend together! I love these people of mine more than anything else in the world.

With this silence I notice how wonderful family is. And how wonderful silence is too!


Over here it has been a world of FIRSTS for Magnus. First time at Trader Joe’s, working with dad, going to the pool, to the library, reading books with friends, etc…

Here is a peak at life currently with Magnus:IMG_4177.JPG IMG_4179.PNGIMG_3809 IMG_3814


First time working with dad. IMG_3934

A world of books in Portuguese. IMG_3950Pool time with mom.

2 Months of Magnus

Magnus, meu filho, as you lay in your tiny bed, snoring and fussing and snoring some more, I lay here looking at your beauty and perfection.

In two short months you stole our hearts and made us feel as if you have been part of this family today and always. Every single day we fall more in love with you!

The look of wonder in your eyes when we are somewhere new might just be the best thing I’ve ever seen. You love to discover the world and we love to be part of your discovery.

Your laughs and smiles are sweet beyond measure. You make me forget everything and hypnotize me with your gorgeous all gums grin.
I want to spend every minute around you and even when I fall asleep (for short minutes at a time) I wake up (exhausted) missing you, looking forward to entertain and love you some more.

You are the best thing in our world. We are so happy you are here!

Happy forever!


IMG_4054 IMG_4052 IMG_4051 IMG_4050

This week we finally got to work on Magnus’ Birth Announcements to send to our family and friends. Most of my family is in Brazil and Bret’s is in the East Coast, so it’s really nice to get to send them something they can keep!

We spent hours looking at Magnus’ pictures. We are so in love with them! I chose a couple to work with and do a few trials. We are working with Minted to get these beautiful cards made and one of my favorite features was that I could upload the two photos we liked most for the announcements and see the preview in various different designs until we chose one that spoke to us the most!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 12.03.35 PM

Our selected photos were these:

(C) 2014 Michelle Garey Photography (C) 2014 Michelle Garey Photography

And here you can see them used in different designs:

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 7.57.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 7.47.17 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 12.02.22 PM


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 12.07.25 PM

This post was created in partnership with Minted offers a stunning and exclusive assortment of holiday cards, Christmas cards, wedding invitations and much more, including birth announcements and invitations sourced through our global community of indie designers.

Baby photos by Michelle Garey. All other photos by Casa dos Mael.